From Messy To Sassy

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Before and After
                 Staying clean and organized can be very challenging for some people. The use of professionals in some extreme cases can be required to get back to standards when it comes to cleanliness. Some people have a hard time letting go of items and end up accumulating stuff uncontrollably. They hold on to stuff that use up valuable space in their homes, offices etc... They often struggle managing those items that end up all over the place creating mounds of junk and chaos for the living space. They are called hoarders.

                   If you are living with a hoarder and you are not one yourself, you know how hard it is to try to convince them to get rid of some of those unnecessary items that have no place in your decor. Purging, getting rid of that clutter in your home, bedroom, office etc... at least once a year is a must and keeping what you have organized is also necessary or else you end up buried underneath all that stuff or spend hours looking for that important document that you just can't find.

                   I have gathered here for you some before and after pictures of some real messy rooms that were transformed to awesomeness thanks to some innovative design Ideas, tips and elbow grease. Behold these incredible make-overs and be amazed at their outcome.


living room 1a, messy living room 1a, organized

                       Get your Kids to clean up after themselves and clean their rooms every day. Make tasking fun. Encourage them and motivate them. Lead by example by showing them you value cleanliness and organization and you and your child will reap the benefits of a clean healthy organized home. Moreover, by doing so, you are also helping develop the child's creative  abilities while enhancing his or her organizational skills. Remember, you are molding the leaders of tomorrow and these acquired behaviors and skills will have a positive impact on the child's development. This can make the difference between a slacker and a go- getter, one that get things done.

                                          Some out of control rooms ... You be the judge...

                                             How could you possibly find any thing in there???

                                                       Help your Kids, show them the way.

                                                   These living conditions can lead to injury.
                                                         Fix it now before it gets any worse...
                                    Where do you sleep? What the heck!!! It can still be done...

                                       Do not hoard, get rid of clutter and transform your home.

                         If your Kitchen looks like this... Reinvent yourself now or contact us for help.

                                        Don't let any one you Know become a compulsive hoarder.
              These excessive compulsive behaviors start generally at a young age or after a traumatic event
  Get them help and support as soon as possible. Don't let it get out of control. The health risks and overall consequences associated with compulsive hoarding are too high and very costly.

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