African Inspired Interiors

Your Home, Your Heritage...

                        Where you Live can be a great way to "showcase" your heritage, your culture. The opportunities are endless. From paintings , to sculptures and other artifacts, your home can almost become a mini museum. A place where elements of your culture and ancestry can proudly be displayed throughout your home; or, if you simply enjoy exotic  Art or Art itself feel free to lay out your collection and wow your guests as they enter your world...

Great room modern family room
Modern open family room with 2 Ebony Zulu hunter statues
highlighting the decor
by Modern House Architects of San Francisco

                                  Beautiful Scenic Window treatments and African sculptures
                                                      and figurines highlight this space.

                                   Natural Wood Dining Area with animal motif window Treatments

                     The use of exotic masks and sculptures throughout the home adds character to the space. The different colors and textures of each mask promotes Art appreciation and a sense of openness to other cultures. Do not hesitate to display your African Art, masks ,stone carvings and figurines as each one of them have powerful meanings in themselves and are great accessories to your home decor.

Lady Jeannette
Exquisite Mbigou Soapstone lamps
from Gabon central Africa will
add a touch of class to any room
Lady Jeanette ( Top )
and the Pyramid ( bottom )


                               These exotic Mbigou Soapstone Carvings from Gabon central Africa make splendid center pieces that will complement any decor.

Eclectic Bathroom eclectic bathroom
 by San Diego designer Linda Medina                                 
Living room with bright yellow fireplace eclectic living room
Eclectic living design enhanced with African masks and statues
by Portland photographer Kuda Photography

Bathroom asian bathroom
                                                                                            Asian bathroom design 
                                                                               by san francisco interior designer 
                                                                         Jan Gunn Interior Architecture and Design

Buffalo Valley Residence mediterranean family room
                                                                     Mediterranean family room with an African flare

Game Table, Fireplace, Art traditional family room
Lower level family room /game room.
The base of the table is distressed ebony and the chairs are done in black osterich and zebra.
The  center piece is exotic  Indian pottery representing a covered casserole
Design by Letitia Holloway.

Carson Poetzl, Inc. contemporary entry
Contemporary entry design with a beautiful grand sculptural piece called the Tji-Wara headdress
 by the Bambara people of Mali of North West Africa.
This headdress represents the antilope, coveted as the perfect animal.

Contemporary dining room set with an antique bronze map of Africa
and on the back  wall a Punu tribe wooden mask carving
from Gabon central Africa. Design by Dunstan Nambo
                                                Spaces design by cleveland interior designer ethnicitidesignonline

                       Zebra print carpeting and African style pottery enhance this space nicely.

              This beautiful scenic picture of zebras in the savanna and the leopard print carpeting 
                                                   brings a nostalgic feel to this decor.  

                            Contemporary African lounging area with mural picture and art work to complement the space

               The use of African prints and art work, statues and figurines dominate this setting.

                 Custom wood encased wall unit with African Art and figurines beautifully blends in
                                      with decor adding value to this living room space.

                             Contemporary dining room with African inspired design accents.


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  2. You've done some very nice work on these rooms. I really like how it's a subtle, yet noticeable decor style. It seems like it would look good during any season as well. I have to try this on a room in my house.

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  7. All look really nice i can smell the wood from my phone😊☺

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  9. There's plenty of great wood in Africa to make inspiring and outstanding furniture and not only these (but also watch cases, bezels and bracelets)


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