Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lighting, an important element in interior decorating

Living Room Inspiration


                             Everyone has one room in the house where they spend most of their time. That area is usually the living room/ family room. Whether you like to curl up on the sofa and watch your favorite television television show, play computer games, or just sit down and chat with the family.You want your room to feel inviting ,relaxing and cosy enough for everyone to enjoy. I have selected for you some exquisite living rooms with different lighting assortments to inspire you. Behold...

Simple but yet Elegant 
                              The reflection of light on the different materials would wow anybody including yourself as you enter your own Home. Imagine yourself sipping on your favorite beverage, stretched out on your favorite sofa just relaxing after a long and stressful day at work.

                                                           Traditional Elegance 
                            In the choice of your Home Decor, the choice of lamps and lighting fixtures play an important role in the lay out and presentation of your space.The style you choose to promote, in the room you choose to transform, rests heavily on the amount of natural light and the type of lighting fixtures you are going to use to showcase that space. Furniture flow and placement, color, texture, window treatments ,draperies and more all have to be carefully chosen to have the proper effect.             
Modern Living Area contemporary living room

                                                   Contemporary living room design  
Living Room contemporary living room

                              Contemporary design with majestic windows giving you plenty of natural light and views that will take your breath away.The beauty of this modern living room is amplified by encased ceilings with recessed lighting .The curvaceous lamps define and accentuates the space leaving your guests dumbfounded.                        

                                                                             Superb Transitional with breathtaking views 

                                            The power of a focal wall enhanced by recessed lighting creates a soothing  atmosphere in which you and your guests can relax. The soft lighting caressing the walls and the fabric throughout the space promotes a sense of total peace and tranquility.

modern living room design decor
                                                                                             Simply Splendid...

                                        Ultra modern living room design with plenty of natural light
                                                 to emphasize the beauty and space in this decor.


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