Monday, April 16, 2012

Modern Living Room Designs

          If  you're trying to upgrade your living room into a cutting edge futuristic modern type of living space  and decor, you're in the right spot. I have a lot of wonderful and inspiring ideas that will leave you speechless. The combination of straight lines sometimes mixed with bright colors will leave your guests mesmerized.
           As it sits motionless but Grand, your new modern living room simply looks astonishing by itself. You just want to admire it as you would a fine peace of Modern Art. Behold as I take you through modern living room design at it's best, the kind that will take your breath away.

Simple Elegant Straight lines
Contemporary Black and White 

The look and Feel of Leather  has always  implied Luxury and status. Impress your guests with some  magnificent modern leather living room sets that are meant to baffle anyone who would venture in your home. These designs specifically aim to please in all aspects.  From a visual standpoint to comfort ,seating capacity and practicality they do serve their purpose very well. Leather  is easier to clean and maintain than any other fabric. With a sponge and a damp cloth you can wipe off any spill quickly.
                         The way you choose to place your furniture is your choice.  Remember, some times less is truly better . Too much in certain decors  takes away the beauty of  your furniture and the impact it would have on anybody walking in that particular room. Keep it simple, clean neat incorporating Art Work in Key locations ... The results are truly outstanding.

                                                    Contemporary Leather Furniture

Modern Leather Curved Elegance

Contemporary Yellow leather Sectional

                                          Extra large Contemporary Dark Brown Leather Sofa

                            Some Modern Microfiber and Cloth options that will inspire you

modern living room inspiration ideas
Contemporary Eco Friendly
 modern living room inspiration ideas
                                                    Eco friendly Contemporary Condo living
Contemporary Wood and Microfiber Living Room Set

Splendid Microfiber, Glass coffee table
 and wood focal wall

                                                  Blue Contemporary Living Room Set 
                                                          enhanced by recessed Lighting 

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