Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sleep In Style

Bedroom Ideas That Will Rock Your World

                         I remember growing up and having to do my bed and tidying up my room before doing anything else in the day. My parents didn't play when it came to keeping a clean house. Before going to school, after my sisters and I finished playing , eating , doing our homework etc... our home always had to be in showroom condition. It was stressful sometimes but rewarding. Especially when we had unexpected guests. No need to rush for last minute touch ups, the house was ready. Ready to be shown off to the world.

                       My parents loved entertaining and our guests always had a hard time believing that three kids actually lived in that house. Complements kept on coming and it made us feel good. My bedroom was my own personal space to experiment with in terms of decor. From childhood to adulthood the expressions on people's faces when they walked in always fascinated me. From my first girlfriend to my wife their reaction always influenced things to come...

                      Your bedroom is your place of  "Zen", your place of inspiration and relaxation after a hard day at work. The right colors, textures, lighting and style can help you recharge your batteries and your spirit more efficiently for a more productive you. Transform your bedroom and transform your life. We have  some elegant and sleek bedroom design Ideas that will rock your world.

                                              In order for you to have a true modern style bedroom, you would need to de-clutter it completely and leave as much open space as you possibly can. Less is truly better  in this case. Get rid of all those unnecessary items that take up space in your room. Your goal is to have a room that is very organized, and outlined by simple straight lines. Replace your antique and outdated furniture with sleek comfortable streamlined and stylish modern bedroom furniture that will mesmerize any one walking in.

                                In this setting, the traditional candelabras bring elegance and class
                                                     to this modern bedroom decor.

contemporary bedroom decor
                 The straight lines, simplicity and color contrasts of this modern bedroom design
                                     are just outstanding.The effects leave you speechless.

                                          Modern bed design highlighted by straight lines.
                                                                Simple but Grand.

                                                                 Black and white...


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