Asian Inspired interior Design

Asia, the Orient and the Middle East,
Their influence on interior design


                                     The power and  influence of Asia and the Middle East  around the world are undeniable.  From the luxurious Taj Mahal in Agra India to Feng Shui design and  the luscious silks of China so much has influenced our every day lives and designs. The rich cultural elements, the exquisite textures and colors, even spices all have one way or another impacted contemporary design at one point.
                                     A lot of interior designers around the world have stepped out and incorporated elements of Asian design ideas in their own styles. I have gathered here for you some of the best Asian and Middle Eastern interior design ideas for your delight.


                                                  Contemporary Asian inspired living room

  Asian style living room interior design Asian Interior Design Style
                                  Exquisite modern white Asian living room furniture design
                                                      With red focal TV wall.

                                  Contemporary Asian living room with shoji Screen inspired wall

                          Beautiful Asian Shinbutsu living room design with solid wood and microfiber cloth.

                                       Exotic wood and cloth Asian inspired living room set by Bali.

                              Beautiful Japanese designed bedroom with platform bed and Shoji screen

                            Modern Japanese master bedroom design with king size platform bed
                                             with matching night stands and closet unit.

                          Contemporary Japanese bedroom design highlighted by an impressive platform bed and Shoji Screen like walls . The look is fresh, a mixture of old and new without being ferociously avant garde, a brilliant combination.

                Simple but yet so elegant Asian inspired bedroom design with Japanese platform bed
                                and two matching night stands that complement this decor.


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