Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sleep In Style

Bedroom Ideas That Will Rock Your World

                         I remember growing up and having to do my bed and tidying up my room before doing anything else in the day. My parents didn't play when it came to keeping a clean house. Before going to school, after my sisters and I finished playing , eating , doing our homework etc... our home always had to be in showroom condition. It was stressful sometimes but rewarding. Especially when we had unexpected guests. No need to rush for last minute touch ups, the house was ready. Ready to be shown off to the world.

                       My parents loved entertaining and our guests always had a hard time believing that three kids actually lived in that house. Complements kept on coming and it made us feel good. My bedroom was my own personal space to experiment with in terms of decor. From childhood to adulthood the expressions on people's faces when they walked in always fascinated me. From my first girlfriend to my wife their reaction always influenced things to come...

                      Your bedroom is your place of  "Zen", your place of inspiration and relaxation after a hard day at work. The right colors, textures, lighting and style can help you recharge your batteries and your spirit more efficiently for a more productive you. Transform your bedroom and transform your life. We have  some elegant and sleek bedroom design Ideas that will rock your world.

                                              In order for you to have a true modern style bedroom, you would need to de-clutter it completely and leave as much open space as you possibly can. Less is truly better  in this case. Get rid of all those unnecessary items that take up space in your room. Your goal is to have a room that is very organized, and outlined by simple straight lines. Replace your antique and outdated furniture with sleek comfortable streamlined and stylish modern bedroom furniture that will mesmerize any one walking in.

                                In this setting, the traditional candelabras bring elegance and class
                                                     to this modern bedroom decor.

contemporary bedroom decor
                 The straight lines, simplicity and color contrasts of this modern bedroom design
                                     are just outstanding.The effects leave you speechless.

                                          Modern bed design highlighted by straight lines.
                                                                Simple but Grand.

                                                                 Black and white...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Elegant Dining

 Dining Room Sets

                           We all  have to eat in order to stay alive. It would be nice though to nourish ourselves in style all the time if possible. Imagine yourself right now enjoying your favorite dish in an environment fit for a King and his Queen. Enjoying the lavish decor, sipping that fine wine and eating exotic foods deliciously tickling your taste buds. The soothing lights from your scented candles are stimulating your senses. The chandelier and crystal stemware as well as the fine china are all adding touches of class to a decor setting the tone for an outstanding day, afternoon or evening...

                          Whether you're entertaining guests or just having dinner with your significant other, their are  various styles and themes for you to choose from. Depending on your taste, you have several dining room options available where you explore the different textures and colors. You can choose between traditional, classic, Louis XIV style to shabby chic to contemporary and ultra modern styles...

Golden curtains are a wonderful choice for it complements
the chairs in these classic Louis XVI dining room set ups

                                            In this beautiful and grand traditional dining room set
                                                     the emphasis is on the dark glossy wood
                                                                that dominates the space

                                                       Dark wood Eleganza dining room set.

                                                 Contemporary orange dining

                                Chic dining room set by Italian company Altamoda.
                                                   Awesome use of color contrast,
                                                              Beautiful design.

                                       White cloth and dark wood contemporary dining room set
                                                          beautifully integrated in this space
                           If you are more of a contemporary , the following sets will better suit your fancy.
                                                   Beautiful white modern design dining room set

Minimalist futuristic glass dining room table and white chairs Tips for Dining Room Chairs

                                               Minimalist futuristic glass table with two chairs


                             Modern luxury .This exquisite futuristic dining room set will impress any guest .

Monday, April 16, 2012

African Inspired Interior Accents and Design

Your Home, Your Heritage...

                        Where you Live can be a great way to "showcase" your heritage, your culture. The opportunities are endless. From paintings , to sculptures and other artifacts, your home can almost become a mini museum. A place where elements of your culture and ancestry can proudly be displayed throughout your home; or, if you simply enjoy exotic  Art or Art itself feel free to lay out your collection and wow your guests as they enter your world...

Great room modern family room
Modern open family room with 2 Ebony Zulu hunter statues
highlighting the decor
by Modern House Architects of San Francisco

                                  Beautiful Scenic Window treatments and African sculptures
                                                      and figurines highlight this space.

                                   Natural Wood Dining Area with animal motif window Treatments

                     The use of exotic masks and sculptures throughout the home adds character to the space. The different colors and textures of each mask promotes Art appreciation and a sense of openness to other cultures. Do not hesitate to display your African Art, masks ,stone carvings and figurines as each one of them have powerful meanings in themselves and are great accessories to your home decor.

Lady Jeannette
Exquisite Mbigou Soapstone lamps
from Gabon central Africa will
add a touch of class to any room.
Lady Jeanette ( Top )
and the Pyramid ( bottom )


                               These exotic Mbigou Soapstone Carvings from Gabon central Africa make splendid center pieces that will complement any decor.

Eclectic Bathroom eclectic bathroom
 by San Diego designer Linda Medina                                 
Living room with bright yellow fireplace eclectic living room
Eclectic living design enhanced with African masks and statues
by Portland photographer Kuda Photography

Bathroom asian bathroom
                                                                                            Asian bathroom design 
                                                                               by san francisco interior designer 
                                                                         Jan Gunn Interior Architecture and Design

Buffalo Valley Residence mediterranean family room
                                                                     Mediterranean family room with an African flare

Game Table, Fireplace, Art traditional family room
Lower level family room /game room.
The base of the table is distressed ebony and the chairs are done in black osterich and zebra.
The  center piece is exotic  Indian pottery representing a covered casserole
Design by Letitia Holloway.

Carson Poetzl, Inc. contemporary entry
Contemporary entry design with a beautiful grand sculptural piece called the Tji-Wara headdress
 by the Bambara people of Mali of North West Africa.
This headdress represents the antilope, coveted as the perfect animal.

Contemporary dining room set with an antique bronze map of Africa
and on the back  wall a Punu tribe wooden mask carving
from Gabon central Africa. Design by Dunstan Nambo
                                                Spaces design by cleveland interior designer ethnicitidesignonline


Modern Living Room Designs

          If  you're trying to upgrade your living room into a cutting edge futuristic modern type of living space  and decor, you're in the right spot. I have a lot of wonderful and inspiring ideas that will leave you speechless. The combination of straight lines sometimes mixed with bright colors will leave your guests mesmerized.
           As it sits motionless but Grand, your new modern living room simply looks astonishing by itself. You just want to admire it as you would a fine peace of Modern Art. Behold as I take you through modern living room design at it's best, the kind that will take your breath away.

Simple Elegant Straight lines
Contemporary Black and White 

The look and Feel of Leather  has always  implied Luxury and status. Impress your guests with some  magnificent modern leather living room sets that are meant to baffle anyone who would venture in your home. These designs specifically aim to please in all aspects.  From a visual standpoint to comfort ,seating capacity and practicality they do serve their purpose very well. Leather  is easier to clean and maintain than any other fabric. With a sponge and a damp cloth you can wipe off any spill quickly.
                         The way you choose to place your furniture is your choice.  Remember, some times less is truly better . Too much in certain decors  takes away the beauty of  your furniture and the impact it would have on anybody walking in that particular room. Keep it simple, clean neat incorporating Art Work in Key locations ... The results are truly outstanding.

                                                    Contemporary Leather Furniture

Modern Leather Curved Elegance

Contemporary Yellow leather Sectional

                                          Extra large Contemporary Dark Brown Leather Sofa

                            Some Modern Microfiber and Cloth options that will inspire you

modern living room inspiration ideas
Contemporary Eco Friendly
 modern living room inspiration ideas
                                                    Eco friendly Contemporary Condo living
Contemporary Wood and Microfiber Living Room Set

Splendid Microfiber, Glass coffee table
 and wood focal wall

                                                  Blue Contemporary Living Room Set 
                                                          enhanced by recessed Lighting 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lighting, an important element in interior decorating

Living Room Inspiration


                             Everyone has one room in the house where they spend most of their time. That area is usually the living room/ family room. Whether you like to curl up on the sofa and watch your favorite television television show, play computer games, or just sit down and chat with the family.You want your room to feel inviting ,relaxing and cosy enough for everyone to enjoy. I have selected for you some exquisite living rooms with different lighting assortments to inspire you. Behold...

Simple but yet Elegant 
                              The reflection of light on the different materials would wow anybody including yourself as you enter your own Home. Imagine yourself sipping on your favorite beverage, stretched out on your favorite sofa just relaxing after a long and stressful day at work.

                                                           Traditional Elegance 
                            In the choice of your Home Decor, the choice of lamps and lighting fixtures play an important role in the lay out and presentation of your space.The style you choose to promote, in the room you choose to transform, rests heavily on the amount of natural light and the type of lighting fixtures you are going to use to showcase that space. Furniture flow and placement, color, texture, window treatments ,draperies and more all have to be carefully chosen to have the proper effect.             
Modern Living Area contemporary living room

                                                   Contemporary living room design  
Living Room contemporary living room

                              Contemporary design with majestic windows giving you plenty of natural light and views that will take your breath away.The beauty of this modern living room is amplified by encased ceilings with recessed lighting .The curvaceous lamps define and accentuates the space leaving your guests dumbfounded.                        

                                                                             Superb Transitional with breathtaking views 

                                            The power of a focal wall enhanced by recessed lighting creates a soothing  atmosphere in which you and your guests can relax. The soft lighting caressing the walls and the fabric throughout the space promotes a sense of total peace and tranquility.

modern living room design decor
                                                                                             Simply Splendid...

                                        Ultra modern living room design with plenty of natural light
                                                 to emphasize the beauty and space in this decor.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Love Your Home

                             Your House,Your Home, Your Castle.


          It is time for You to Transform your living space into quarters Worthy of a King or Queen? Upgrade now, make the change and baffle your Guests and Family Members as they enter your incredible Space,Your Home, Your Castle, Your World.

            Whether you live in an apartment , a modest house, a townhouse or a million dollar mansion it does not matter. Your dwelling quarters are a direct reflection of you . Express yourself and don't be afraid to experiment with different textures and colors.

           Incorporate Art Work in key locations to flow with the theme you laid out for that particular area. It is also important to incorporate nature in the decor as it gives the room a sense of openness and a feeling of the great outdoors. Plants and colorful flowers, whether artificial or not promote warmth, love and happiness  throughout.

           If space is an issue, utilize mirrors in key location to create that illusion of a bigger space. Enhanced with the reflection of light in various areas ,you and your guests will be amazed at the results. Furniture placement and flow is also Key in getting the right effect.


           What is your Style? Are you a Contemporary  Modern Art Deco type of person or are you more into  Traditional Home Decor ? Shabby Chic or Rustic Country ? Mediterranean or Moroccan style design? The List goes on...  Whatever style you choose, is indeed a reflection of who you are.

            Colors and Lighting play a very important role in mood setting believe it or not. The right lighting and color Scheme will have a direct effect on you and who ever is in that room with you. If done right, it will help you tone down and relax after a stressful day at work. If done wrong, the stress will be amplified. Your home and your bedroom should be your place of " ZEN ". A Place where you can relax and recharge your batteries and get the inspiration you need to do what you need to do be fruitful and to prosper.

                                              Transform your Home and transform your life.
                                                              A better You Awaits.

          If your place of " Zen " is also your place of business and you want to take it to the next level and maximize income, click on How to promote your home business! and get ready for some shocking  results.

          For those of you who  are in to Cutting Edge Contemporary design enjoy these 50 modern living                            room styles.

          If you are trying to upgrade to a bigger house and you are having trouble selling the one you're in, please check out Make every Buyer want your House! You will get valuable insight on ways to market your house better.

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